Pashke Consulting Targeting Tomorrow's Success

Plan - Perform - Score


We Help You Solve Your Problems

Pashke Consulting helps organizations plan, keep score, evaluate results and revise game plans. We help solve problems and explore opportunities. To achieve these objectives we assume various roles in our consulting assignments (we wear multiple hats):

Independent & Objective Assessor: We provide a fresh unbiased assessment of the situation, make recommendations for improvement and assist in the implementation of corrective measures.

Facilitator: We help make things happen by coordinating and directing desired activities.

Coach & Mentor: We provide the support, training and encouragement to enhance the management team.

Intermediary (Internal & External): We help bridge the communication gaps and bring people and resources together to achieve desired outcomes.

Educator & Nurturer: We provide the critical knowledge, explain its importance and nurture decisions to advance organizational development.

Catalyst for Change: We provide the impetus to accomplish goals.


Pashke Consulting has helped a variety of organizations in a variety of industries solve a variety of problems and explore a variety of opportunities. The following list demonstrates the scope and nature of previous assignments. Our general and specialist skills provide the additional resources necessary to achieve organizational objectives.

  • Financial and managerial assistance to multiple location OEM metal fabrication company. Assisted company in manufacturing cost development, development of business plans, facilitation of management retreat, development of projected financial and operational information, assistance in exploring European affiliation and general consultation to directors and management team.
  • Facilitation and installation of "The One Page Planning and Performance System" for a variety of manufacturing and service organizations. TOPPPS is a strategic & tactical performance measurement tool that drives organizational alignment, accountability and results! Includes education of process, coaching of individual plans and alignment process to bring harmony between coprporate and indivdual business plans.
  • Developed business plan and three-year financial projection for OEM manufacturer of rubber molded and extruded products for the automotive and plumbing industries. Helped organize and facilitate multidisciplinary advisory group for the company.
  • Valuation of $100 million sales multi-state natural resource transformation company competing in the mining, precast and prestressed concrete construction, and construction supply industries
  • Developed financial projection for inclusion in private stock offering for a proprietary product plastic manufacturer
  • Provided litigation support for a Federal District Court economic damage case including financial analysis, evidence discovery, and court testimony
  • Valuation of multi-state retail chain, with sales in excess of $180 million
  • Developed manufacturing cost overhead model for fiberglass OEM manufacturer to the trucking and other industries
  • Valuation of $50 million sales aerospace parts OEM supplier
  • Facilitation of a management conference for a group of medical professionals
  • Valuation of Family Limited Partnership Interest Gifts
  • Assisted financial due diligence process related to sale of proprietary manufacturer of high-pressure valves
  • Valuation of Limited Liability Corporation Stock Gifts
  • Appraisal of $50 million sales multi-state petroleum distributor and operator of convenience stores
  • Valuation of Manufactured Home Park Facility
  • Facilitation of management retreat for a regional meat processing operation
  • Assisted Nursing Home through bank refinancing, rebuilding of credibility within financial community, developed internal performance measurements and executive reporting system for Board of Directors
  • Assistance to construction sub-contractor during financial crises, facilitation of management retreat, general managerial and financial consultation including forecasts, business expansion, liaison with financial institutions, and counsel to management
  • Consultation to large OEM metal casting and manufacturer in activity based costing customer assessment process
  • Developed methodology to back-explode existing comprehensive cost model to provide more specific cost detail to facilitate review by operational managers and financial support staff
  • Consultation to a variety of clientele in assessing disposition or acquisition candidates including due diligence, financial and operational reviews
  • Assistance to various proprietary manufacturers (lighting, hand tools, industrial valves) in inventory costing projects (LIFO, standard cost development, review and assessment of system)
  • Facilitated stockholder buyout between interested parties. Provided alternative appraisal approaches, reviewed sensitivity of key assumptions, and discussed indicated business risks to enable the parties to achieve a mutually acceptable negotiated settlement.
  • Provided litigation support for a Federal District Court gift tax case including financial analysis, evidence discovery, and court testimony